Mamma’s and El Toro Loco – Dine In Awards 2017



Mamma’s American Pizza and El Toro Loco at Dine In Awards Gala Final.

It’s been a fantastic and emotional night for Mamma’s Pizzeria and El Toro Loco, who were competing to win 3 Dine in Award nominations.

Dine in Awards, which gives recognition to Scottish takeaway hospitality services nationwide, held this year’s award ceremony at the Crowne Plaza, Glasgow, on 24 July 2017. Hosted by Des Clarke, stand-up comedian, and Corrine Oliver, singer-songwriter, the award ceremony saw representatives from a variety of restaurants come together to await the results.

This momentous night concluded months of hard work for Mamma’s American Pizza and El Toro Loco; as Mamma’s was nominated by popular public vote for Scotland’s Best Pizza, while El Toro Loco was nominated for Scotland’s Best Marketing and Best Newcomer.

There were a total of 12 Dine in Award 2017 nominations up for grabs, including Best American, Industry Innovator and Best Restaurant Quality. The initial qualifying round was open to public vote for 2 months. Once this voting ended the top venues were shortlisted as finalists, before being taste-tested and researched by an independent judging panel.

The Gala Final, in which the winners for all 12 nominations were revealed, was a night packed full of suspense and entertainment. Guests were treated to a fabulous meal, outstanding performances from comedians and singers, and a fun interactive quiz. The room was abuzz with excitement, made only the more intense when the winners were announced.

To our delight, El Toro Loco was pronounced the winner of Scotland’s Best Marketing 2017. The team were ecstatic by the news, and rushed to the stage to collect their trophy.

Receiving this national recognition from Dine in Awards is particularly impressive as El Toro Loco has only been on the market for 2 years. Situated on the Grassmarket, Edinburgh, this little Mexican street food restaurant has really made it’s mark on the local area, but being ranked number 1 in Scotland for Marketing is outstanding.

Paul and Caitriona Duncan, El Toro Loco Directors, said: “We were delighted to make it through to the finals of the inaugural Dine In Awards with both Mamma’s American Pizza and El Toro Loco shortlisted, we have to once again give a huge thank you to all of our staff for their hard work and all of our great customers for their voting support.”

“We are thrilled to have won Best Marketing for our fledgling brand El Toro Loco, it is an honour to have our work acknowledged in this highly competitive area.”


Dine In Awards 2017 – El Toro Loco

El Toro Loco’s approach to Mexican cuisine, service and ambiance is a unique story of creativity and funky Mexican vibes. In 2001 Paul and Caitriona visited Mexico and were so taken by the wide and varied local dishes they decided to open their own Mexican restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh.

Taking inspiration from their trip, El Toro Loco’s design uses traditional Mexican bull artwork, vibrant red colours and Día de Muertos symbolism to highlight their individuality. The brand has its own unique perception of traditional Mexican street food and Mexican art that lies at the heart of El Toro Loco’s image and its development.

Dine In
Dine In Awards 2017 – El Toro Loco

El Toro Loco is continually evolving and embracing new ideas in marketing, design and public engagement. The brand brings traditional Mexican culture and digital advertising together, even re-shaping reality with their recent 3D modelling adventures.

It has been a pleasure for Mamma’s American Pizza and El Toro Loco to participate in Dine In Awards 2017. For Mamma’s to have been shortlisted for Best Pizza, and for El Toro Loco to have been shortlisted for Best Newcomer and ultimately winning Best Marketing is a real honour. It would not have been possible without the everlasting support of our fabulous customers and dedicated staff members, and so a huge thank you must be given to them.

On the run up to the Dine In Awards Gala Final, El Toro Loco developed an augmented reality model to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Thank you everyone for two amazing years together 😍 We so appreciate the fantastic support you have given us over these past few months, and will continue to be the best Mexican in Scotland for you 🙂

Gracias, El Toro Loco 😍